Canada - A dream Country

Have you ever wondered why people are flocking to this English-speaking, frigid North-American country? In fact, Canada has seen a steady increase in education tourism in the last few years. For the nine consecutive years, the UN survey claimed Canada to be among the top three places in the world to live. The country is a peace loving, friendly, caring and secure society. This constitutional monarchy believes in equality, diversity, and respect for all individuals, thanks to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act.

The Benefits of study in Canada


Globally recognized University

Canada has globally recognized universities which are recognized and respected world-wide for the quality of their output. Students who study in Canada can leverage the benefit of studying in globally recognized educational institutions when they are looking for job opportunities

Cost of education is low when compared to other countries

The cost of tuition fees alongwith the overall cost of living expenses accrued while pursuing a course at a university in Canada is cheaper when compared to some of the other hot destinations for abroad education such as Australia and Germany. 

Job opportunities after study are greater

 A huge number of job opportunities are available for graduates and preference is first given to students who graduate from Canadian universities. Moreover students can also earn money while studying by working part-time


Scholarships For Study In Canada


Canada renders scholarships also to deserving students.
We help students in geting fee waiver too.
Cape Breton University tops in the list of university giving scholarships.



Best Universities in Canada


The University of British Columbia

International students who study at the university can improve their English skills through the university’s vantage one program that helps students to improve their English.  Are on their first year can take advantage of the university’s Vantage one program



 University of Toronto

 The university offers its students a wide variety of subjects to pursue including, applied science, management, engineering, information technology and public health. It provides nearly 700 programs for under graduation as well as more than 200 programs for masters.

                                Study in canada



Q). How can one get  student visa to Canada?
A).One need to get admission to a course in Canada to apply for a student visa to Canada.  The process for admission will differ from university to university.. Please get in touch with our consultants to get more information on how to get admitted to a university of your choice in Canada and apply for a student visa

Q). How much does it cost to study in Canada?
A). The costs involved to study in Canada can depend on a number of factors such as the university you are attending, whether you are studying for Bachelors or Masters program and what kind of on campus or off campus accommodation arrangement you are looking for. For a comprehensive overview of costs of education in Canada reach us for a free consultation

Q). How long/time frame does it take to get a student visa to Canada?
A). Time frame for getting a student visa to Canada can vary on a case by case basis. To understand the visa process in detail please reach out to our consultants

Q) How can one can earn enough for daily expenses?
A) Although Canada is much cheaper  but still expensive for us.In order to deal with it, Canada renders 20 hours a week to work during study time and full time work during vacations.


Why Study in Canada ?

Why go to Canada as a study purpose?

Education plays major role in reaching heights of success. Main purpose of Study in Canada is to educate individuals within society, to prepare and qualify them for work in economy as well as to integrate people into society and teach them values and morals of society. 

College and University render a colossal contribution in determining the pathways of success. As per reports of UNESCO, Canada is a leading country in providing world class education using latest technologies which makes learning very easy. Canada has more than 200+ public colleges providing varieties of courses as per interest of students. Cost of education is also much cheaper along with living expense with higher payoff per hour. International Students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week to carry out their expense.


Study in Canada Consultants 

Canada offers graduate certificate, diploma, degree, post graduation which are worldwide internationally known. University of Toronto, University of Windsor, University of McGill, Centennial College, Seneca College, Fanshawe College, etc. are some of prestigious organisation.

Canada is high in demand among students and huge companies too. Proximity to USA, Superpower of world is a crucial factor .Toronto is globally known for advancement. Windsor is one of the most beautiful places of world to live. Montreal ranks at first in terms of quality of life living. Moreover Quebec govt. bestows $740 CAD to students who enrol in full time French courses so as to promote French culture.


AAR Overseas is a reputed organisation for Canada immigration and study purpose.



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